It is important to have a realistic perspective on how much money you can earn before you go through ways to win Bitcoins. In this market, especially free bitcoin winning sites certainly won’t make a lot of money. Free Bitcoin winning methods can be useful for beginners to learn and learn about Bitcoin. However, small amounts of Bitcoin revenues can be useful assets considering the rapid growth of the crypto money market. If you want to collect a larger amount of Bitcoin, this is also entirely possible.

Bitcoin mining

If you want to win the largest amount of Bitcoins available, mining is one of your best choices. Mining is done automatically using computer hardware to perform a series of mathematical operations, which creates the new Bitcoin. To do this you need to invest in a Bitcoin miner system. These systems are external devices that provide the processing power required to produce Bitcoin.

Before you begin, what you need to know about Bitcoin mining is increasing the level of difficulty over time. In other words, more time and more processing power will be required to produce each subsequent Bitcoin. In the early days of Bitcoin, crypto-money enthusiasts were able to perform mining activities on computers with average equipment for mining or even laptops. Today, high-cost special installation systems are needed for mining.

Micro tasks

Although mining allows you to earn Bitcoin faster than any other way, the high investment threshold means it will not be suitable for everyone. If you’re looking for a smaller-scale path to enter the world of Bitcoin, you may prefer to complete micro-tasks in exchange for Bitcoin. In our country, micro tasks, mostly called bitcoin abscesses, are small, simple actions such as advertising viewing or interacting in a broadcast on social media. Although the payment is usually very low, micro tasks are probably the simplest way of gaining Bitcoin.

If you ask how bitcoin will contract, the answer will be the bitcoin rhyme sites. One of the best places within these sites is CoinWorker, where each of the missions is paid at a minimum of US $ 0.01 (USD) in a specialized market for such tasks. While many tasks in CoinWorker are as low as 0.03-0.05, some exceed $ 1.00. The tasks listed in CoinWorker are usually very easy and take only a few minutes to complete.

Bitcoin winning method by watching ads is the same. Like other micro tasks, these processes pay very little amount of Bitcoin but it is extremely easy to perform. If you’re trying to win Bitcoin for the first time, watching ads is the easiest way to do it. Some of the best sites that offer Bitcoin for users to view ads: CoinAdder, Ads4BTC and Advercoins.

Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin taps are similar to micro-tasks in terms of bitcoin payments for a small amount of time. On the site you enter, for example, five minutes of time and a small amount of Bitcoin win. The idea behind Bitcoin taps is that the owners want to earn Bitcoin and sell ads in the locations they follow. Bitcoin return is not preferred by many people because of the very small amount of Bitcoin wallet can be tried to see the system. Moon Bitcoin is one of the most popular of these taps. There are also many more tapes including FreeBitcoin, Bitcoin Zebra and Daily Free Bits.

Investing in Bitcoin

One of the most interesting developments in the last two years in Bitcoin has been its emergence as a very popular investment tool. While investing in Bitcoin is still not as widespread as investing in stocks and bonds, it is rapidly moving into the financial mainstream. As predicted, investment is one of the most profitable ways to make money with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s most basic form of investment is to buy and keep Bitcoin until its price increases. Due to the high price volatility, Bitcoin has produced incredible gains for early investors. If you invested only $ 500 to Bitcoin in early 2011, your investment would be more than $ 9.5 million today. Of course, this tip is an example, but it is clear how profitable the Bitcoin investment is for some traders who want to wait for a long time to invest.

Earning Bitcoin by playing games

Playing games between ways to win Bitcoin can be very appealing. Bitcoin-winning games are very similar to taps in terms of generating small amounts of Bitcoin and generating profits through advertising. The advantage of Bitcoin games is that players earn money from an activity they spend every day enjoying. If you have the habit of playing mobile games, you can find games to reward you with Bitcoin for the time you spend. Bitcoin winning method from the phone is very advantageous for those who devote every day to mobile games.

The Bitcoin-based game category includes betting and gambling sites that use Bitcoin as currency. If you like to gamble, it might be fun for you, but it’s not a great way to earn money reliably.

Freelance working to get paid with Bitcoin

As you may already have been aware, there is a great online marketplace for a variety of self-service services, from order writing to website development to freelance. There are hundreds of sites that connect freelance workers and customers who want to pay for services. After increasing popularity of these sites, the sites where payments were made via Bitcoin were also added. If you have the skills that businesses or individuals want to pay you, you can offer services in exchange for a large amount of Bitcoins.

Working with freelance in exchange for bitcoin has two advantages, making it one of the best ways to make a serious entry into the crypto money market. The first is that, unlike mining or investment, there is little or no initial cost for many freelancers. Second, some freelancers can earn dozens or even hundreds of dollars of Bitcoin, which is profitable from other methods that earn Bitcoin at just a few cents at a time. Freelance is probably the best option if you want to win Bitcoin reasonably fast without making a large deposit.

Before you start working as a freelance, think about what kind of service you will sell. Some of the most popular options are writing and editing services, graphic design, video production, audio, voice editing and programming. Of course, the services you offer will depend on your interests and skills.

Once you have identified the services you intend to sell, you will need to register for a free market in Bitcoin. An attractive option for some is the XBT Freelancer. This site offers very high-paid jobs, but most of them are quite technical in nature and may not be suitable for every freelance employee. Another important market, Cryptogrind, enables freelance workers to offer simple services at lower prices. If you’ve used Fiverr before the traditional freelance platform, Cryptogrind’s basic operations are very similar to Fiverr’s, and probably will be familiar to you.

Marketing products that are linked to Bitcoin

Apart from direct BTC acquisition methods, you can also make money with business lines associated with Bitcoin technology. It is possible to win without having much information about Bitcoin. You can market products and technologies that address Bitcoin users and miners. For example, you can appeal to those in the market by selling hardware wallets or hardware parts that miners need to secure deposits more securely. In particular, the ever-increasing demand for video cards in mining has provided significant growth even in the second hand markets of these cards.

Like the philosophy of many hardware vendors about Bitcoin; Instead of searching for gold mine, you can earn gold without risk by selling digging shovels to ones that are in search of Bitcoin.

Producing Bitcoin related content

If you have mastered Bitcoin, blockchain technology and crypto money market, you can create content to share your knowledge and experience with others. You can share your analysis by opening a blog or Youtube channel on the topic. Producing content is not very attractive because it is a labor-intensive business and the material return takes place after a long and difficult period.

However, if you really want to be helpful to others, what crypto currencies are, how to teach people how they work, you can choose this method.