You want to earn Bitcoins? Are you asking the ways of earning Bitcoin? Then this is the place for you. We will give you some information and tips about earning Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is just one of the newest madnesses of the present century. Small Bitcoin investors almost turned into a millionaire overnight. You may not be surprised and you may be dreaming of becoming a millionaire. Fortunately it is late but not too late.

Bitcoin is a very new currency and is growing every day. Many Bitcoin enthusiasts believe that people who invest even today are early adopters.

There are many ways to win Bitcoins. In theory you can accept payments with Bitcoin for any job you can do to get paid in the national currency. Some things you can do to win Bitcoin:

Bitcoin mining

You may have probably heard of Bitcoin Mining terms in news, social media, or people speaking anywhere. Yes, there is something called Bitcoin Mining and you don’t need to use underground tunnels for this. Bitcoin mining takes place on a computer; The computer tries to solve a problem mathematically, and anyone who mining for Bitcoin compete to solve this problem first. Whoever solves the problem first wins 25 Bitcoins.

Computers may seem to be able to solve the problem in a matter of seconds, but this is not the case. As bitcoin mining evolves, people are turning to computers that are specifically produced for Bitcoin mining. When the problems are solved faster, the difficulty of the problems increases and it becomes more difficult to solve.

You can try bitcoin mining, but at this point, you can or may profit from it soon or at any time. Millions of people and companies have invested in mining equipment and it will certainly be difficult for a small miner to compete against them. Taking into account the cost of electricity and the increasing difficulty of our hardware, your chances of making a profit are quite low, and it can take months or even years to deduct the money you spend on our investment.

The terminology you need to know about Bitcoin mining

ROI: ROI means investment earning. It is used for the time required to start making a profit in mining. Costs such as electricity, pool costs may or may not be included in this period.

Hash: Represents the number of transactions a miner does in a second.

  • KH/s: Kilohashes/second. One Kilohash = 1,000 hashes.
  • MH/s: Megahashes/second. One Megahash = 1,000,000 hashes.
  • GH/s: Gigahashes/second. One Gigahash = 1,000,000,000 hashes.
  • TH/s: Terahashes/second. One Terahash = 1,000,000,000,000 hashes.
  • PT/s: Petahashes/second. One Petahash = 1,000,000,000,000,000 hashes.

W (Watt): Used to measure the amount of electricity used by the miner. A higher wattage means that the miner uses more electricity and the electricity bill will be higher.

ASIC:  Represents an application-specific integrated circuit board. In general, an ASIC is an electronic chip designed for a specific use. ASICs are powerful computer chips used for Bitcoin. ASIC chips have greatly increased the Hash value for Bitcoin miners.

Algorithm: There is an algorithm in every digital currency; There are quite a few algorithms. Bitcoin uses an algorithm called SHA-256. If you see a mining equipment called Scrypt, it will not work with Bitcoin. However, SHA-256 miner equipment can be used for Bitcoin.

You can find a job to earn Bitcoin

As mentioned above, you can also pay for Bitcoin with any job that you can get paid in another currency. Bitcoin is a very new and ever-growing currency. There are many employers who pay with this currency. You can agree with one of them and earn Bitcoin much easier.

You can sell products to earn Bitcoin

One of the ways to win Bitcoin is to sell the product. You can create a website, sell any product or your own product by accepting payment with Bitcoin. You can use BitPay to receive payments with Bitcoin. BitPay is a well-known Bitcoin payment processor used by thousands of merchants. It is available in both online and physical stores.

To sum up, Bitcoin can be won in more than one way. Of course, all these roads may differ in terms of usability from person to person. Everything is looking at innovation, determination and research. Imagine a new project to win Bitcoin. If you receive any refusal applying for any job, do not give up. Do a very good research before investing in any Bitcoin mining equipment when there is no guarantee that you will earn a profit. Bitcoin has a lot of potential, quite a new currency and idea. You can help him grow using it, thanks to him you can make money.